The author wishes to assure the reader that the use of the personal pronouns ‘he’ or ‘she’ does not imply the exclusion of any person.

The Traveller

The traveller doesn’t shy an alien, for he himself is one wherever he goes. As a white European in Africa, the Middle East and Asia I was mostly met with curiosity and hospitality rather than discrimination or apathy.
So long, farewell, auf wiedersehn, good-bye is all an integral component of travelling. The traveller, desensitised, keeps his cool and ‘hits the highway’.
The traveller blends in, adapts and integrates wherever he goes. Home is wherever he hangs his hat. His mind dwells nowhere in particular. Like a martial artists’ mind, it flows like water in the river of freedom.
The traveller knows the game of life. He is a freelancer who embraces truth and faces reality on the front line of life, taking full responsibility for his actions. Unattached to any organisation, he finds his own way out of trouble or he simply perishes. He may share breakfast with beggars and dine with kings, he eats alone or not at all.
With no familiar door to knock on, he endures rejection and enjoys hospitality. The traveller will never settle, though he may establish a base from which to radiate into the world. Once flesh and bones deny him, his aura transcends into an elevated realm of motion.

The traveller never runs away from anything, he just moves on for no particular reason to the tune of the ‘highway blues’, riding the wind of intuition, divine guidance and destiny.
Like a passionate truckie, the traveller knows that life is a highway, more spiritual than bound to matter, that eventually evaporates into the clouds of heaven.
The traveller endures the bad times and savours the good. Neither the horrors nor the pleasures of the world are foreign to him.
The suffering of the species bears no hindrance, but compassion to the traveller. He remains calm in times of crisis.
When you mindfully travel the way, you live life to the fullest, knowing that all the ups and downs will balance out. You have won all your battles and made the greatest conquest of them all; that of your own mind.
“Keep on Travelling”

In observant contemplation

In observant contemplation I find:
• Confirmation that the human capacity for self-delusion is infinite (Albert Einstein);
• The stupidification of society is well in progress;
• Some people are seeking re-education in the neo-faculties of common sense, logic, and other basics, through quick fix lectures and courses;
• The voice of a singer at a karaoke bar is all but drowned out by pre-recorded music, the same goes for democracy;
• Most bestsellers are little more than well marketed rubbish, rated by corrupt insiders, who are harbouring a conflict of interest; people read or watch them, simply because they are best sellers;
• Some leftist atheists make it their life mission, (or lifestyle), to support radical, self-centred, monotheistic extremists whom they have never met;
• Viruses have become political;
• To some, looting and vandalism is now a protest not a crime;
• Preachers of truth are ignored, hated, and persecuted.
We live in an age of reverse contrast, an era in which the intoxicated are the sober and the sober are the drunk – drunk on hype, paranoia, sensationalism or fanaticism. The once discriminated have become discriminators of convenience. A social divide lies between those who think for themselves and those who don’t. Metaphorically, some people’s skulls resemble corona viruses, which are empty shells. Unlike these human skulls, the viruses are packed with information. Man is turning into beast through brainwash, false religion, and mental and moral decay and perversion, such as mob rule. Everything works in cycles, we have almost reached the peak in various ways, where the mind has been weakened to the point of collapse, by external and/or internal forces. People hate change more than anything else, this is an ideal time for doomsday prepers and panic merchants to maintain their present life-style; they have no plan B or C etc. ‘One day of circuses is soon forgotten, a hundred days of circuses are remembered forever’. The connection between technology and humanity is out of balance, with technology driving humanity to extinction. In a functioning world, both compliment each other. To commit a crime is now a mistake, not a decision. We worry about bullying at school while we tolerate ‘Role Model Bullies’ like China and corporate thugs and crooks threatening the world. The greater picture of truth is approaching completion, but no-one takes note.

Music in exotic places

Drifting off, my mind wanders back to a summer evening in 1980 when a group of us volunteers linger around a campfire in Kibbutz Misgav-Am in upper Galilee, Israel. We enjoy the moment, absorbing the calmness of the evening after a week of continuous cross border shelling and bombardment.
Guitar music fills the air to the tune of all the alleluia lyrics, alternating with rock’n’roll, blues and country music, which becomes increasingly more pleasant to the ears, the more we indulge on cheap beer, wine, vodka and Israeli brandy.
Having reached a higher state of oblivion, a drunken Dutchman throws his empty bottle into the darkness with great pitching skills. Shortly after and unannounced, our concert is interrupted by search lights and an army unit on night guard, who expect to find terrorist insurgents from Lebanon. Their search proves fruitless, there is no sign of any attempted border crossing.
What they do find, is the Dutchman’s empty bottle, which has hit the electric wire on the Lebanese border fence, only ten metres from where we are sitting and triggered off the alarm.
Every performer knows that ‘the show must go on’, so we compose a song: “Dutchman throws the bottle away – Alleluia”, where it falls, he has no say, “Allelu-u-ia”…

Cry Freedom

Living in a democratic society we imagine that we are free. Business and media Guru’s tell us we are free in that we buy their commodities and/or services. Governments are trying hard to make us believe we are free as long we support them and their policies. The rock band ‘Queen’ sang: “I want to break free”, though questions arise: Do we really understand the concept of freedom? In fact, do we really want to be free? In my view freedom is born, lives, evolves and rests more internally than on the external and superficial spectrum. ‘True freedom has few takers’. It is a state of mind that comes with a responsibility and it requires change from existing mindsets. This calls for effort, the reason why most people rather dwell in the misery of their comfort zone than try and liberate themselves. For a profound and extensive, yet simple and compact view on freedom, download now and read ‘Real Bold & Simple’ chapter 3 (Born to be Free). “Freedom is not a privilege granted to us by someone else or some authority, but a basic human right which we inherit at birth”.

Happy Easter

Dear Members of the Australian Taekwondo Academy Marmion Coast. Conditioning is an integral component of the Martial arts. The unusual situation we presently find ourselves in offers an excellent opportunity to enhance the conditioning of our Martial Arts mind, in that it posts yet another picture in the album of our life experiences. Amidst the global medical threat we face, we have to deal with unprecedented panic, uncertainty and high levels of anxiety. The answer is: Take some time out, practice your techniques and patterns, grappling defense, hand sparring, kick sparring and free sparring. All this can be done in a visualised version. It requires your undivided attention, taking focus away from all the troubles of a confused world. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very Happy Easter, from Brian and myself. God Bless


A virus like no other

Congratulations to the creators of all those psycho-actively inspired virus images floating in the background of the current news reports, which are constantly changing contour, colour and their subliminal messages. This is creativity at its best, enhanced by abstract surrealism, or perhaps, LSD.

Food for thought

Fluctuations in forward estimates and predictions on COVID-19 cases, climate change etc. have left the stock market and petrol prices for dead. Extracted answers become fact and gospel in the minds of gullible people. Doom and gloom is the best- selling commodity. The current lock-down and travel restrictions have resulted in a substantial reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. Climate change activists have all but fallen silent, wouldn’t it be noble of them to make a positive comment?
Guru, MP, & Prophet seedlings, striving for recognition in the quest for status are plentiful.
The gradual eradication of small business has been under way for decades. The government has now ordered most small and medium sized businesses to close while large multi-national corporations are allowed to operate. Does the COVID-19 know the difference? Interestingly, these corporations, are now being portrayed as saviours, for hiring.
Panic buying has become a rapidly escalating world-wide phenomena. Have we learned from Wall Street, where panic is the norm? Has the ‘competition mentality’, ‘win at any cost’ mindset blown out of proportion? Winning, in this instance means snatching up groceries before anyone else can lay their hands on it.
Here is an extract from my book ‘Journey of Life’, Chapter 20, ‘Competition & Success’: For many people life is about winning and losing, or success and failure. When we view success for what it really is, i.e. a journey (part of the journey of life) and not a destination, we are able to enjoy life at a higher level. Most of the ‘food for thought’ I have to offer the world is manifested in my 2 books, so ‘read on’ and enjoy the journey.
P.S. Let me add a copy of a letter I wrote to the editor of the ‘West Australian’ newspaper that was published in the early 2000’s, after the government had finally admitted that the country was in recession.
‘Good recession’
Now that the R-word as been spoken I believe the time has come to reflect and review the situation realistically and discover the benefits of a recession. Let’s face it, we live an extravagant lifestyle where luxury has become the norm. We live in mansions, not houses, drive cars that out-perform our needs and buy goods on a whim that soon end up on the rubbish tip. A recession is usually a return to reality and moderation. It allows us more time to educate ourselves, acquire some spiritual wealth and who knows, we might even re-discover the art of having a face to face conversation, free of charge, rather than texting or talking on the mobile phone whilst standing in the checkout queue with yet another
gratuitous item.

Sabomnim Writes

Dear members of the ‘Australian Taekwondo Academy Marmion Coast’
While the world faces the challenge of yet another virus, this time called corona, or crown, it helps to view the present situation in perspective. Most experts agree that medically this pandemic will eventually come to an end, like every preceding one. The mental bug which has infected society at large, however, proves to be a much harder nut to crack. Whilst much has been said, addressing the ridicule of all the hysteria, panic and phobia, the fear mongering still escalates creating wide-spread anxiety and depression, which weakens the immune system and hence, makes us more vulnerable to infection. We live in an era where prayer and focus has been substituted with panic and despair. This presents us with yet another opportunity to utilise our ‘Martial Arts Mindset’, which equips us to deal with any difficult, challenging or threatening situation in a civilised and competent manner. It enables us to respond to the facts at hand, distant from fear, worry, assumptions, and most of all, to remain calm, as we would do in a ‘real life fight’. For a deep insight into our martial arts mind’ read ‘Journey of Life’, download it directly from this website. If you have already read it, read again. Recommend it to your family members and friends for it is beneficial to anyone, not only martial artists, especially during the present, trying times. The corona virus will be defeated so long as we follow the expert and government guidelines. Let’s unite to fight and defeat the mental bug.
In modesty & calmness

Toilet Paper Apocalypse

In response to the present irrational panic buying of toilet paper, let me offer some advice based on ‘hands-on’ experience. Who needs toilet paper, made in China. Newspaper works well on a thunder dunny, but don’t put it into a flush toilet for it will block the drain. Just place it into a sealed bag and then into the bin as you would do with dog poo. Make sure you read the news before, not after use. If the ‘great necessity calls when you are in the bush, bundles of grass will come handy but may cause a rash. And, of course there is ‘Aqua Normale’, known in modern English as water, or snow in winter, the best cleaning agent of all times. If you don’t have a bidet, just use a mug.