About the Author Hubert Schaub

Hubert Schaub - Australian AuthorI was born in West Germany in 1958. At the age of seventeen I went backpacking, embarking on several long term journeys through Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, during which I learned invaluable life and survival skills, especially in trouble spots such as Iran, Israel and Uganda.
In my mid-twenties I made my home in Western Australia, married and we raised two children. I have worked in a vast range of jobs, predominately in the building industry, in which I am still active as a self-employed tradesman. That’s my day job, without which I would go hungry.
In recent years I have slowed down a couple of paces due to burn-out, caused mainly by over commitment. With a few adjustments to lowering my workload (and stress levels) by serving only existing clients, I have been fortunate with a full recovery.

What I have learnt throughout my ordeal has contributed to the creation of my book “Journey of Life” An Insight into the Martial Arts. Martial Arts is my passion, specifically Taekwondo, which I teach and have taught since 1993. I am also passionate about philosophy and psychology which, coupled with martial arts, travel and the quest for truth has evolved into “Journey of Life”, self-published in 2012, and more recently into “Real, Bold & Simple”, Mixed Philosophy for Everyone.