I feel part of a growing number of publicly silent, non-activist yet fast growing, politically non-organised global group of vigilant people who are conscious, though weary of all the crap we are being served as well as the ridicule of operations from the individual level all the way to the political and religious plain. It is a metaphorical body of people who have respect and consideration for others, the environment, all living creatures and morally sound law & order. It doesn’t value political correctness, popular opinion, or mob rule. We are people who have more compassion for the victims of crime, including those who act in self-defence, than for the offenders. People who believe in honesty, decency and core values. We distinguish and teach our children right from wrong without political spin or agenda driven perversion. We know that ‘reality TV’ is real only in the context of a mostly scripted play. We know that the perversion of the human mind is the greatest threat to our survival on earth. We perceive reality using our natural senses, not some gadgetry controlled by others. We refrain from using hype to convey our views and opinions, instead we ride the wave of passive activity through conversation. This is closely related to ‘Guerrilla goodness’, in other words, non-organised ‘doing good’ without expectation of an outcome or reward. Whatever walk of life we call our own, in essence we are ordinary people who find agreement in seeing things the way they are. We are not pushing any agenda or some world view. We create no following, instead we just grow. We simply find common ground based on common sense.

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