The second coming of the Messiah hasn’t happened yet, neither has the Jedi returned, but my two books have been resurrected, one year after the last distributer went broke and left over a thousand authors in limbo, owing us royalty statements and payment. Both books are self-published, were first distributed by Palmer Higgs, then by Dennis Jones, and sold through Amazon, Kobo, Books a Million, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble and numerous other on-line retailers. On par with many other authors, my seven years of experience with the publishing industry has led to disillusion and frustration with an incompetent industry, most of which deserves to be shut down. Trying to find a new distributer I was met with the traditional ‘total silence’ that facilitates the notoriety of the publishing industry. There comes a time when your patience wears thin, so I made the executive decision to take things into my own hands and take control of the marketing of my books. With the help of a couple of trustworthy experts, both English language e-books, ‘Journey of Life’ & ‘Real, Bold, & Simple’ are now available for download from my website, for the modest price of $8.21 incl. GST each. The German translation of the first book, ‘Die Reise des Lebens’ will follow soon. You’d be lucky to get a pint of beer or a coffee & cake for $8.21, here is some potentially life changing philosophy at your disposal.

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